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John Harper International Communications Institute, Inc.

the only English school and international student adviser with a personal touch.

About John Harper ICI


John Harper International Communications Institute, Inc. (John Harper ICI) is an education provider of English programs and an international student adviser.

We provide English courses that make students proficient in the four communication skills in English such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Our English proficiency courses for professionals, adults, young adults and children enhance students’ communication skills necessary to excel in their career or studies. The English Test Preparation programs equip test takers on what skills they need to score high in the English tests like IELTS, TOEFl or TOEIC.


As a international student adviser, we have sent students to New Zealand, where international students are given excellent opportunities to study and work to live. We are officially recognized and represent different prestigious schools with varied courses in different campuses located throughout New Zealand. All our New Zealand education consultants have at least 5 years’ experience in helping international students have better opportunities overseas. Our company conducts a very safe and transparent system that ensures the peace-of-mind of all our clients.

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